Astro Pneumatic

Fan Clutch Wrench Set, Deluxe, 10 pc.
(Astro Pneumatic - 7895)

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Fan Clutch Wrench Set, Deluxe, 10 pc. (Astro Pneumatic: model 7895)
• Allows you to hold the fan clutch with the clutch holder tool. while using the special wrench to turn the fan clutch nut.
• Square drive allows use with a breaker bar for extra torque.
• Complete service kit includes: 2-1/4" & 3-1/4" fan pulley holding tools; 2-3/8" fan clutch bolt holding tool; 2-1/8" & 3" fan clutch pulley holding tools; 2-13/16" fan hub wrench; 1-7/16" fan clutch nut wrench, 1-7/16" & 1-9/16" fan clutch wrench; 1-7/8" left hand clutch nut wrench. Comes in molded carrying case.
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